An historical novel of the life, loves and times of the First Empress of China, 626-705 A.D.

626 A.D., Talima, destined to become Wu Chao Tse Tsien, the first Empress of China, was born the heir of a nomad Igren chieftain in the Pamir mountains of Central Asia.

As a 17 year-old girl, Talima rides nearly 3,000 miles over the Great Silk Road and the Gobi Desert with four chapar riders and 1,000 prized horses as mandatory tribute to Emperor T'ai Ts'ung's glittering court.

Talima enters the world of intrigue and flamboyance that was the early T'ang Dynasty when Europe was still in the medieval dark ages. As companion and confidante of the Emperor, she becomes a woman capable of ruling in her own right. She knows the ecstasy of loving a man forbidden to her and the pain of losing him.

As Wu Chao Tse Tsien, she ruled for decades and was elected Empress by the powerful Secretariat of Eunuchs.

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