Everlasting Sky is a new historical novel of the life, loves and times of the First Empress of China, 626-705 A.D. 626 A.D.

"Bronze wingtips feathered air shimmering with ice crystals as a golden eagle hovered, then screamed, and plummeted earthward toward an unsuspecting mouse. Like an echo of her hunting cry came the raw wail of a woman's birth ecstasy, and the shrill, reedy mew of a newborn's cry. A girl-child was born to the wife of Tashih Shaymak, Great Chagan of the Golden Igren. Again, the eagle climbed soul-blue skies above the Pamir Mountains and soared along cliff rims and canyons, far out over high mountain valleys. Her jubilant "scr-eee-ee-e!" rang out on the banner of wind for all the steppe-land of Central Asia to hear." :: read a PDF excerpt
Empress Wu stone portrait, Lung-men caves. She was the only woman in the history of China to be elected Emperor.
This coiled, four-toed dragon is used on the cover of the Tang Code of Law. It symbolizes the Code, the revision that Emperor Tai Tsung began and Empress Wu Tse Tsien completed, which remained the basic Chinese law until the 20th century.
Kajira Wyn Berry is a writer, poet, editor, calligrapher andphotojournalist. Like Talima, she left her generational roots as a young woman, migrating westward, from New England to Oregon and Washington.

Currently she lives on Vashon Island near Seattle. :: full bio